My Philosophy


I believe that relationships are the substance and fulfillment of our purpose here together. There is no greater happiness than looking outside of ourselves and growing in the ability to care for others. Dentistry is just that—every day I relish the opportunity to come to work and see new and old friends, care for their needs, and experience life with them—the challenges and the joys.

As a clinician, I am trained to treat patients with complex dental conditions and witness their life-changing transformation process. Over the course of treatment, my top priority is always you; your story, aspirations, and goals.

For me, there are no faceless cases or nameless charts. Partnering with you is my highest goal. That is why I’m focused on spending time with you before treatment even begins to discuss the whole suite of options for your care. Together, you and I will be able to make the best possible decisions for your short and long-term needs. My passion is my work. Your smile and health is my motivation. Dentistry is how I choose to live out my mission. After your procedure is complete, you’ll find more than just cosmetic change—you will see transformation lived out.

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